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About Us

Gallery 35 is the new home for artists who would like to showcase their work in this beautiful city. Celebrating the opening of this new gallery, it showcases an array of works by John Cutruzzola. His passion for art extends to both small and larger than life canvases, created over many years and painted in both oils and watercolours. John shares, “I paint with my emotions. I paint what I feel.” This has evolved over time and encompasses a body of work that is beautiful and diverse.

More recently, with a growing concern for a world that has acknowledged a painful history of physical abuse, social injustice and spiritual corruption, John has begun to explore the medium of sculpture to express his passion and emotion. It is also through this acknowledgment and understanding of our history that his idea of supporting emerging Indigenous artists was born.

This Brampton based gallery proudly displays the works of both existing and emerging artists. The opening will feature, in addition to the arts of John Cutruzzola, the arts of Giovanni Federico of Via-Tigre Rome. John’s childhood friend, born in the same town of Gagliato, in the same year, Giovanni is a painter of note in his own country. The two reconnected several years ago while John was on a painting trip travelling through Italy. Known as a beautifully refined painter whose art is both “expressive and intellectual,” Gallery 35 is privileged to host four original works directly from Mr. Federico’s own gallery space in Rome. 
John Cutruzzola, Renaissance Man
Originally inspired by the great frescoes of the magnificent churches in his birthplace of Gagliato Italy, John Cutruzzola saw in them a chance to bring art out of the homes of the privileged few and into the community, accessible to everyone. Gallery 35 is an extension of that original dream. 

Fuelled by the gift of a box of crayons at age six, he began drawing on almost every surface, including the building sites where he eventually sought employment as a means to support his family. 

So began the career of a true Renaissance man who devoted his life to building art through his construction business, painting art in his studio inspired by trips around the world and exploring many other creative talents too such as singing Tenor and studying at Sheridan’s School of Art. 

Mr. Cutruzzola’s position is well known in the Brampton community and beyond. Recognized as a Citizen of the Year, a philanthropist, an artist, a musician and a dedicated Patron of the arts, he has capitalized on his business success to bring life to his boyhood dream of celebrating art and making it accessible to all. 

John’s art is prolific and varied. Landscapes form a part of his extensive portfolio but the study of the female form is what inspires him most. It’s because, he shares, the female form, particularly nude “isn’t about the nudity but about the vulnerability of us all.” 

More recently, John has been exploring a new form of art, using sculpture (and cast in Bronze) to examine different themes, this time themes of beauty and greed. Again, as in our vulnerability, greed too is something that impacts us all. It’s harsh and exploits the vulnerable and yet a relentless pursuit of one’s desires can also lead to great things, great monuments and occasionally, even to beauty. Greed and The Beauty is a work of art that must be seen to be appreciated, and John invites you to look for the wolf and the rose and to think about how you feel as you view this work closely.  

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