Our Mission and Purpose

Our Mission and Purpose

Celebrating the art of a lifetime…..
Promoting the art and artists of today…..
Supporting emerging artists of the future…….
Investing in Indigenous students of the arts……. and
Nurturing an arts and culture environment in the core of the city!
This beautiful destination gallery space in Peel will support artists seeking an audience for their work. Using Gallery 35 as a platform to launch, build an audience and enhance their profile, current and emerging artists are encouraged to apply for a spot in the gallery space where they will be featured prominently, as well as on social media and on this website. Together with donations from John (as the artist) and John (as the business owner and philanthropist) artists using this fee based opportunity to showcase their work will also be contributing not just to the community availability of beautiful art, but also to the Indigenous artist endowment fund.
How It Works:
● Artists looking for a gallery space to display their work are invited to connect with Gallery 35 and discuss the fees, display space and calendar scheduling.

● A portion (35%) of all fees associated with renting gallery space will be donated to an endowment fund managed by Algoma University’s Brampton Campus.

● While artists themselves may also choose to contribute a portion of their sales, they are not required to do so.

● The indigenous fund was previously established by a generous donation from the Inzola Group. Moving forward, it will continue to be supported through a 35% contribution by Gallery 35.

● In recognition of a dark chapter in Canadian history and being moved by the truth of how Indigenous families were impacted by the residential school system, Indigenous students who undertake to study the arts will be eligible to apply for support through this fund.

● Anyone interested in contributing to this worthwhile cause can do so either through Gallery 35 or directly, by contacting Algoma University, Brampton Campus.

For more information on how the Indigenous Endowment Fund can be accessed, please connect directly with Algoma University *here.

“Dreams should always be encouraged.” J. Cutruzzola

John Cutruzzola felt this encouragement throughout his own life and wishes to extend that sentiment to others in our community. It has long been his dream to see Downtown Brampton as a destination space for art, for gathering and for celebration. With the founding of Gallery 35 and the implementation of the Indigenous Endowment Fund, his lifetime work as an artist, as a builder and as a patron of the arts is a dream, realized.

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